The Garden of Eden at Killesberg


The FIRST new NEAT performance since March!

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Sunday, July 19 at 19:00 hrs in Eliszis Historisches Jahrmarktheater at Killesberg

Featuring Felice Becker as Eve, Bardia Khajenoori as Adam, Gabby Nelson as The Snake and The Stuttgart Harmonizers as a Quartet of Gaurdian Angels

This reading combines two different works by Mark Twain – EXTRACTS FROM ADAM’S DIARY and EVE’S DIARY; these separate short stories were published, years apart, independently of one another. Mark Twain, America’s greatest humorist, claims to have “translated” the “original” diaries of mankind’s first couple into English.

In this witty and modern adaptation of Mark Twain’s affectionate satire, Adam and Eve, the world’s first couple, confronts their many differences to find successful ways of living and loving together. Whether they’re creating language, inventing fire, taming nature or discovering love and death, what they learn about each other on the way will be familiar and funny to anyone who has ever experienced a close relationship.

The texts are humorous and ironic, and performed together; THE DIARIES OF ADAM & EVE give a new spin on Genesis, as we follow the journey of Adam and Eve discovering the world around them… and each other! Few people, before Twain, have given consideration of how idyllic life must have been like for Adam on his own in the Garden of Eden. Despite his reservations and initial deep annoyance with Eve, Adam finds himself in love with her.

Relationships: whose idea was that!?

One of you wants to get things done, the other wants to chill out in the garden. One of you wants a minute’s peace, the other wants to talk (and talk and talk). One of you likes things the way they are, the other wants a project. One of you knows that eating the apple is wrong, but the other is going to eat it anyway.

Historians and Twain specialists acknowledge that these texts give insight into his marriage; as Adam is based on himself and Eve is based on his beloved wife Olivia.

The great American storyteller found comfort and inspiration in the company of women, and his irreverent look at conventional religion is also a thoughtful — and humorous — argument for gender equality.

Relationships shouldn’t work, but somehow they do!

The play explores, in a very accessible way, companionship, its challenges and consolations, and has some really moving moments in among the laughs and smiles.


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