Have you got your Panto tickets yet?


Calling all Panto fans! It’s only two weeks to the premiere of the 2019 NEAT Panto: Mother Goose and the Golden Egg!

So what is it about?

Mother Goose loves her daughter, Freya, and she loves the geese she keeps, but Mother Goose was born on the ugly side. Will she sacrifice Heidi, her favourite friendly goose, for her vanity? Will she give all away for a dip i that magical fountain of youth, the bog of beauty? Mischievous Scandinavian trolls, the mean landlord Baron von Rumpensmakka and his hapless sidekick, marching snowmen and many adventures all feature in the story of Mother Goose.

Featuring: Andrew Carey-Yard, Nadia Duran, Annika & Raphael & Julia Eisentraut, Tiffany Estrada, Ciara Garvey, Bryan Groenjes, Michele Guida, Cindy Halbert-Seger, Karin Heinrich, Mehtap Ince, Taylor & Asher & Madeline Johnson, Azin Rekowski, Emma & Selin Sadler Öztürk, Susanna Thielecke, Elina Viksna

Directed by: Marina and Florian Eisentraut,

Original script: bencrockerpantomimes.com

Performance times: Sunday, November 24, 11:00 am and 3:00 PM (two performances!) @ Merlin

Saturday, December 7, 3:00 PM and Sunday, December 8, 3 PM @ Kulturwerk


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