Celtic Evening celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Would you believe it? NEAT has been bringing Celtic culture to Stuttgart for 20 years now! Are you one of those hard-core fans who haven’t missed a show since the very beginning of the “Irish Evenings” in Cannstatt? Did you catch the Celtic bug somewhere along the way? Or have you only just discovered that here is a great evening of Celtic song and dance that you can come and enjoy to mark out St. Patrick’s Day? No matter: hurry and book your tickets now, before they are sold out!


Featuring Aine Halpin’s Irish dancers, who make Riverdance look like amateurs, and some of the best Irish voices and musicians in Stuttgart, it’s an evening not to be missed! And mind you don’t leave too quickly after the applause – the best may still be to come!

Show times: Friday, March 8 and Saturday, March 9, 8.30 PM, Kulturwerk

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