It’s Radio time with NICK DANGER; Third Eye!

NEAT proudly presents another live radio show:

NICK DANGER; Third Eye – A Radio Drama by The Firesign Theatre

The radio play is a parody of the HARD BOILED 1930’s / 1940’s Film Noire Detectives like those portrayed by Humphrey Bogart.
NICK DANGER gets into wacky, mysterious adventures, frequently involving mistaken identity, betrayal, and femme fatales. His nemesis is Police Lt. Bradshaw and he is also frequently menaced by a slimy little man called Rocky Rococo; who is based on Dashiell Hammett’s Joel Cairo from The Maltese Falcon. The love of his life is Betty Jo Bialosky, but Nick says “everyone knew her as Nancy.”
Our staging will feature Live Music and Sound Effects, as well as Commercials!

Featuring Martin Jelinek, Derrick Jenkins, Andy Pugni, Sara Conway, Matthew Wheeler, Lawrence Holmes, Joerg Witzsch, Holly DeWolf, Mostafa Saieed, Deanya Schemp & Elena Gallego, Florian Eisentraut and Bhavani Bhaskar
Show times: Monday, September 11, 8 PM @ Kulturcafé Merlin; Thursday, September 28, 8 PM @ Theater am Olgaeck

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