We’re Back!



After four months of Pandemic Shutdown, theatres in Stuttgart have been allowed to reopen and resume operation. There are strict regulations in effect regarding the number of people allowed on stage and in the audience as well their safe distancing.

NEAT will be resuming our long running, monthly DARK MONDAY @ MERLIN series in August, as well as performances at THEATER AM OLGAECK. We will also be performing at Open Air sites where ever possible; negotiations are ongoing for shows at Villa Berg Park, Weissenburg Park and Killesberg.

There will be much to look forward to in the 2020 – 2021 season; the Second ONE PAGE PLAY FESTIVAL, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM by William Shakespeare, CASABLANCA – Live Radio Play, a reappearance of THE FOUR HARPS featuring Lucia Cericola, a presentation of the new novel by American author Daniel Regelbrugge, and much more…

Even if not all dates are yet set, it already feels good to be able to inform the NEAT audience of upcoming projects; stay tuned for further details!


These are the next four DARK MONDAY @ MERLIN dates, two shows at THEATER AM OLGAECK and one at the Historic Circus on Killesberg –


Sunday, July 19 at 19:00 hrs in Eliszis Historisches Jahrmarktheater am Killesberg


Featuring Felice Becker as Eve, Bardia Khajenoori as Adam, Gabby Nelson as The Snake and The Stuttgart Harmonizers as a Quartet of Gaurdian Angels

This reading combines two different works by Mark Twain – EXTRACTS FROM ADAM’S DIARY and EVE’S DIARY; these separate short stories were published, years apart, independently of one another. Mark Twain, America’s greatest humorist, claims to have “translated” the “original” diaries of mankind’s first couple into English.

The texts are humorous and ironic, and performed together; THE DIARIES OF ADAM & EVE give a new spin on Genesis, as we follow the journey of Adam and Eve discovering the world around them… and each other! Few people, before Twain, have given consideration of how idyllic life must have been like for Adam on his own in the Garden of Eden. Despite his reservations and initial deep annoyance with Eve, Adam finds himself in love with her.

Historians and Twain specialists acknowledge that these texts give insight into his marriage; as Adam is based on himself and Eve is based on his beloved wife Olivia.

The great American storyteller found comfort and inspiration in the company of women, and his irreverent look at conventional religion is also a thoughtful — and humorous — argument for gender equality.


THE BIRDS by Daphne du Maurier

Monday, August 3 at 20:00 hrs in MERLIN

Author Daphne du Maurier is best known as a “romantic novelist” – although she was never very happy with the term. Perhaps to prove that she was capable of other genres, she wrote what is considered one of the most thrilling and menacing stories of 20th century fiction – THE BIRDS. This scary tale doesn’t involve ghosts or other elements of the supernatural. Quite the contrary; what could be more unnerving than nature behaving unnaturally!? It is the irrational threat of havoc and apocalypse, from something as seemingly harmless, familiar and unsuspecting as everyday hedgerow birds, that chills the spine and unnerves so deeply.


 THE GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennessee Williams – Live Radio Play

Monday, September 7 at 20:00 hrs in MERLIN

With the 1944 premiere of THE GLASS MENAGERIE, Tennessee Williams was momentarily catapulted from obscurity to fame and it remains his most critically acclaimed and popular play. Truly one of the most beautiful and beloved plays of the modern theatre and recipient of the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award in 1945.

This was Tennessee William’s first success as a playwright and is a theatrical piece of distinct power and potent lyricism, incorporating strong autobiographical elements; featuring characters based on the author himself, his shy, mentally fragile and physically disabled sister and their overbearing, histrionic mother. Williams’ intensely personal and brilliantly tender masterpiece exposes the complexity of our memories, and the ways in which we can never truly escape them.

Tennessee Williams made a conscious and ultimately successful attempt to break the established theatrical norms of time and space with this “Memory Play”; opening the door for new styles of writing and acting.

The story is set in 1937, during the Great Depression, in the Wingfield family’s shabby apartment in a crumbling tenement building in St Louis, Missouri. The action and events occur in the memory of protagonist Tom Wingfield and circle around his sister Laura who, crippled by polio as a child, finds comfort and solace in the fragile ornaments of her glass menagerie. Their mother Amanda, a genteel former Southern Belle, is obsessed with finding Laura a suitable husband. They all have their personal dreams of escape and brief glimpses of happiness…

The first radio adaptation was performed on Theatre Guild on the Air in 1951


HG Wells’ THE TIME MACHINE by Elton Townend-Jones

Monday, October 5 at 20:00 hrs in MERLIN

In this age of uncertainty, where the shadows of tyranny, intolerance and war darken the path into tomorrow, how much time do we have left? If civilization falls today, what will become of us?

In producer Rebecca Vaughan and writer/director Elton Townend Jones’ new and radical interpretation of the HG Wells classic, a Victorian time traveler transcends across the ages from 1900 to our own far future – from the fall of man to the end of the world – discovering the fate of our endeavors and uncovering our darkest fears. Can we change the future? Or has the end already begun?

A philosophical journey, a nightmare adventure, a cautionary tale – this is the story of us all.


SURVIVOR TYPE by Stephen King

 Friday, October 30 at 20:00 hrs in THEATER AM OLGAECK

 SURVIVOR TYPE by Stephen King is a gruesome and unsettling story. It is written as the diary of a disgraced surgeon, Richard Pine (real name Richard Pinzetti), who, while attempting to smuggle a large amount of heroin on a cruise ship, on a round trip from the USA to Thailand and back, finds himself marooned on a tiny island in the Pacific with very limited supplies and no food.

A self-proclaimed “survivor” type, his diary entries documenting his day-to-day activities become more and more disjointed and raving, revealing his slow mental decay and eventual insanity caused by starvation, isolation, and drug use.

Determined to hold out for rescue, he goes to horrifying lengths to survive. After breaking his ankle while attempting to draw attention to himself when he sees a plane passing by, he amputates his foot, and then realizes he has to eat it to survive. He continues to amputate his own limbs to use as a food source, ingesting the heroin as a crude anesthetic during the operations.

Although he initially keeps track of the dates (the entries begin January 26), his increasing mental instability causes him to lose perception of days passed. His last few diary entries, barely comprehensible, indicate that he has cut off and eaten everything below his waist, as well as his ears, and drools uncontrollably as he ponders which body part to consume next. The diary entries end when he cuts off his left hand to eat (“lady fingers they taste just like lady fingers”).

The ending implies Richard would later be found dead, probably the result of self-cannibalism, since the diary was apparently found and read, and Richard mentioned he would have destroyed it right before being rescued.


AROUND THE WORLD WITH 1001 STRINGS featuring Lucia Cericola

Monday, November 2 at 20:00 hrs in MERLIN

When was the last time you witnessed a quartet of Concert Harps perform? This rare configuration is the focus of the November DARK MONDAY @ MERLIN!

Lucia Cericola is a much sought after soloist with the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra, the SWR Rado Symphony Orchestraetc, etc. and is very well versed in all epochs and styles of music. She is also an accomplished Harp Teacher whose students regularly win awards at international festivals and competitions. This evening at MERLIN will feature three of her proficient pupils and showcase composers from around the globe – a true Melting Pot(pourri) of diversity.

Lucia is a devoted fan of modern classical music and has organized her own spectacular and legendary performances dedicated to the music of John Cage. With NEAT, she been featured in a wide variety of projects ranging from the musical THE FANTASTICKS by Harvey Schmidt, UNDER MILKWOOD by Dylan Thomas, OLD POSSUM’S BOOK OF PRACTICAL CATS by T.S.Eliot, to THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES by Eve Ensler to name but a few.



CASABLANCA – Live Radio Play

Thursdays, November 5, 12, 19 & 26 at 20:00 hrs in THEATER AM OLGAECK

First presented by The Lux Soap Radio Theatre on January 24, 1944.

A story of love and hate with a background of adventure set in Rick’s Café Americaine, an upscale nightclub and gambling establishment in Casablanca.

As the Nazi lash descended upon Europe hoards of refugees fled to the sanctuary of Casablanca in North Africa. Those with money obtained exit visas to Lisbon and then the Americas.  Victor Laszlo, Leader of the underground had escaped from a concentration camp and the Nazi’s were after him. He arrives in Casablanca to pay a fabulous price for exit papers to Lisbon, which he was to obtain from Rick Blaine who owns the hottest nightspot in Casablanca. However, Laszlo is not alone, he is with his beautiful wife Isla, Isla the woman whom Blaine had loved and who had walked out suddenly on him with no explanation in Paris.

Rick and Isla cannot deny their love for each other. Once again, they are confronted with the fateful decision of staying together or parting…


IT ALL BEGAN AT MACY’S – An Evening of Good Advice for Aspiring Santas & Christmas Elves

Monday, December 7 at 20:00 hrs in MERLIN

Thursday, December 17 at 20:00 hrs in THEATER AM OLGAECK

 Someone has to do it; why not you? If you are considering being a Christmas Elf or perhaps even Santa himself this year, we have some helpful hints and enlightening firsthand accounts that will either motivate you or scare you away from this beloved Seasonal Pastime.  Many of those who have extensive on-the-job experience, swear that they will never do it again, yet diligently return to their annual duties, time and again… after eleven months of necessary recuperation. Perhaps artificial jollity is addictive, perhaps they are merely masochists. This is their story… Ho! Ho! Ho!

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