Time for the 2018 NEAT Panto: “Wots App, Cinderella?”

wotsappcinders mit schriftIt’s got peas, frogs, gold, an evil step-mother, step-sisters, a fuddy-duddy father and of course, a prince.  It MUST be a fairy tale, but which one is it?  Please join us for our original re-telling, re-singing and re-dancing of Cinderella, slightly up-dated for the age of social media…  Enjoy an outing into good fun and bad puns with musical interludes! For children and well-behaved adults of all ages…

Show times: Sunday, December 2, 4 PM, and Saturday, December 8, 2.30 PM, @ Kulturwerk, Ostendstr. 106A, 70188 Stuttgart, Tel. 0711-4806545; Sunday, December 9, 3 PM @ Merlin, Augustenstraße 72, 70178 Stuttgart

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