It’s (almost) Panto time!

In just under two weeks, NEAT’s 2017 panto, “Sleeping Beauty” will be premiering at Kulturwerk!

As usual, expect a joyful romp with lots of musical fun, as beautiful princess Aurora falls prey to the curse cast upon her at her christening by her evil fairy godmother, Carabosse, and Spindleshanks, her cat, a mean feline if ever there was one. Be witness to Aurora’s 18th birthday celebrations, during which Aurora’s parents, King Nobi and the aptly named Queen Dotti, attempt to bake a birthday cake and a troupe of dancing rats play a significant part, and at the end of which the princess pricks her finger and falls into a 100-year-sleep; then watch as a spine-chilling nightmare engulfs the castle and its inhabitants;  until finally a prince appears to wake the lovely Aurora!

Last year, both Panto performances were sold out, so this year, there will be three shows; but book your tickets soon, anyway, to avoid disappointment!

Show times: Saturday, December 9th, 14.00 and Sunday, December 10th, 14.00 @ Kulturwerk; Sunday, December 17, 15:00 @ Kulturcafe Merlin

Featuring: Bhavani Bhaskar, Andrew Carey-Yard, Nadia Duran, Annika & Raphael Eisentraut, Tiffany Estrada, Ciara Gary, Lorenz Goicochea, Cindy Halbert-Seger, April & Christopher Healy, Karin Heinrich, Robert Koopman, Lisa Ritchie, Bryan Sauvage, Susana Schwartz, Elina Viksna, Ahmed Saki; Florian Eisentraut as Musical Director; Marina Eisentraut as Director


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