Ooh, baby, ooh-ee
Ooh, baby, ooh-ee
It’s that million dollar bash



New English American Theatre’s very own music group The Tolling Thunder Revue presents a program dedicated to Bob Dylan whose 78th birthday is on May 24.

The performance features Songs that Bob Dylan wrote, recorded and became hits, Songs that he wrote but remained obscure, Songs that he wrote yet never recorded, Songs that he recorded but didn’t write, Songs that he wrote which became hits for others, Songs that were written by others and influenced him and Songs written by others that were influenced by Bob Dylan and also Songs that he has claimed to have written but …

BOB DYLAN – What can be told about a man whose goal it has always been, to remain an enigma, a phantom? In his „autobiographical“ book CHRONICLES,  he purposefully obscures his tracks and distorts his own history. No other Songwriter of the 20th Century has been quite so influential as Bob Dylan. Over the course of his more than 55 years on stage and in the studio, he has not only changed his own personal musical style several times but also the course  of popular music in general. He is consistent in his mercurial inconsistency and refuses to be pinpointed and labeled.

Ira Welles writes: Bob Dylan’s two most recent albums have consisted entirely of Sinatra-era cover songs. The man who was just awarded the Nobel Prize in literature – the man with the “sand and glue” voice – has recently taken to giving us only the voice, none of the literature. If that sounds perverse, well: Let me introduce you to Bob Dylan. A brilliant, and brilliantly perverse, choice for the Nobel Prize.

The ever evolving line up of The Tolling Thunder Revue will include Dr. Erica Applezweig, Tiffany Estrada, Nadia Duran, Elena Gallego, Samantha Mohr, Deanya Schempp, Sara Conway, Lily Grabill, Silvia Stopp, Michael Hecht, Joerg Witzsch, Thomas Felger, Martin Schempp, Charles C. Urban and a fellow named Joe…

Photos by Uka Meissner-deRuiz

BOB’S MILLION DOLLAR BASH – Monday, May 6 at 20:00 hrs in MERLIN

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