NEAT presents PaperMoon Swing Combo

Live in ConcertMoving, Tapping, Dancing, Hopping, Swinging, Grooving

LIVE Music has been an essential aspect of the DARK MONDAY @ MERLIN series which began in October 2013. Practically every installment of the monthly series has featured an array of musicians; from solo pianists, a quartet of concert harps, professional vocalist from all genres, to our very own formations THE DARK MONDAY ORCHESTRA, THE GREENWICH VILLAGE PLAYERS, THE GERSHWINITES  and THE TOLLING THUNDER REVUE, all comprised of NEAT actors who also enjoy playing music. We have also invited guest groups to perform such as CHEEK 2 CHEEK, THE STUTTGART HARMONIZERS Barber Shop Quartet, STÄFFELES BANJO RUTSCHER (a 10 piece Banjo Band!), SPIRAL RUNNING, TWO AMERCIAN VOICES and the Beatles tribute band from Tampere, Finland; TWO AFTER 909.

Meet PaperMoon SwingCombo!

What’s Swing? Music that gets you moving, tapping, hopping, dancing. It worked for your great grandparents. Syncopation, ragtime, blues, jazz, merges into groove, whatever you call it, it’s alive.

Papermoon SwingCombo is a happy-go-lucky pile of musicians based in Stuttgart. Vocalist and Initiator Tiffany Estrada ( Los Angeles ) describes herself as just “some lady” who got fed up with the quiet and jumped onto the stage ready to sing and dance.

Thank goodness NEAT theater was there to offer a stage where professionals and hobbyists mix! There she met NEAT- Musical Director Michael Hecht on guitar and through a happy coincidence encountered the seasoned world traveled jazz musician Gene Clarke ( North Carolina/Paris) with his trusty trumpet. This paved the way for the inclusion of a number of local professional talents. Andy Reichel (Pfalz) on Saxophone. Andrey Tartarinets on Bass ( Moscow), Frank Eisele ( Down the street) on accordion. Good men you see on stages all over town.

Other local personalities often join spontaneously, so the line-up can always be a surprise, even for PaperMoon. But the more the merrier because PaperMoon SwingCombo is there for the party!

 So come meet the band on Monday, March 7 at NEAT’s monthly DARK MONDAY event and let a little Moonlight start your week right!

Performance – Monday, March 7 at 20:00 hrs in MERLIN


Presented by NEAT in cooperation with DAZ – Deutsch Amerikanisches Zentrum, Kulturverein Merlin e.V.

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