The year 2021 marks the 30th Anniversary of NEAT – New English American Theatre and we are currently in the middle of our eighth year of monthly DARK MONDAY shows at MERLIN. 

Since 2013, we have been presenting a new show every four weeks; everything from Full Length Plays, One Act Plays (with many German and European Premieres among them), Live Radio Plays, Variety Shows, and Improv Theatre, but also evenings dedicated to Poetry and Music.

Due to Covid 19 restriction forbidding live theatre performance, NEAT has continued to present DARK MONDAY shows ONLINE on a regular monthly basis – at 20:00 hrs on the accustomed first Monday of every month.

In January, The WRITERS IN STUTTGART collective presented their traditional first DARK MONDAY of the year reading as a ZOOM performance. Beginning in February, all DARK MONDAY shows were filmed in advance and broadcast on the MERLIN YouTube channel, where they will remain accessible indefinitely and free of charge thanks to the support of the Federal Government Commisioner for Culture & Media, MERLIN Kulturzentrum and our continued collaboration with DAZ – Deutsch Amerikanisches Zentrum.

If you’ve missed a DARK MONDAY show or would like to watch them all again, here are the direct links –

HARD TIMES IN SUGAR TOWN by Jadi Campbell https://youtu.be/sdKDaMHjqA4

SUNFLOWER SKELETONS by Allen Ginsberghttps://youtu.be/VZkkNvF5ijY

TRUE DYLAN by Sam Shepardhttps://youtu.be/xgbVji3ubo4

DOLORES by Edward Allan Baker https://youtu.be/6VWWUbmasOs

NEW POETRY & PROSE FOR 2021 by Daniel Regelbruggehttps://youtu.be/6VWWUbmasOs

SNOWANGEL by Lewis John Carlinohttps://youtu.be/b1yNN5Z2NVE

All of the exceptionally GOOD photos above are by Uka Meissner deRuiz and the others are by Enel Kerler, and Selfies…

The Online DARK MONDAY @ MERLIN performances are sponsored by the Staatministerin für Kultur und Medien in cooperation with MERLIN – Kulturzentrum and DAZ – Deutsch Amerikanisches Zentrum.

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