The Tolling Thunder Revue Goes Canadian!

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THE TOLLING THUNDER REVUE presents excerpts from its wide ranging repertoire; focusing on Bob Dylan and Cohorts in the First Half and Candian Singer / Songwriters of the 1960’s in the Second Half of the Show.

THE TOLLING THUNDER REVUE consists of NEAT (New English American Theatre) actors who also enjoy playing music and singing songs.

The ever evolving line up currently consists of Tiffany Marie Estrada, Elena Gallego, Nadia Duran, Samantha Mohr, Dr. Erica Applezweig, Deanya Schempp, Silvia Stopp, Joerg Witzsch, Michael “Mesox” Hecht, Georg Schubert, Martin Schempp, Max Oisin, Charles C. Urban

No other Songwriter of the 20th Century has been quite so influential as Bob Dylan. Over the course of his more than 55 years on stage and in the studio, he has not only changed his own personal muscial style several times but also the course of popular music in general. He is consistent in his merucrial inconsistancy and refuses to be pinpointed and labeled.

Bob Dylan’s influence extends beyond borders and an entire generation of Canadian Singer / Songwriters were heavily influenced by him. We’ll be presenting songs by Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen and John Kay.

Saturday, November 10 at 20:30 hrs in KULTURWERK

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