NEAT@Lange Ostnacht

LANGE OST NACHT - Jenny GreenflowerThere are many annual traditions on the NEAT schedule; VAGINA MONOLOGUES every February, CELTIC EVENINGS every March, seasonal CHRISTMAS PANTO performances, and the participation at the LANGE OST NACHT every July.

We were first invited to appear on the KULTURWERK stage during the LANGE OST NACHT Street Festival in 2013 and it has become an annual NEAT tradition to present our current musical projects there. In the past, we’ve featured excerpts from our musical production THE FANTASTICKS, Jazz and Bossa Nova Standards by Ria and Davide, original compositions by ACOUSTIC THING, and THE GREENWICH VILLAGE PLAYERS. It has also become a traditional feature for our friends, the award winning Aine Halpin IRISH DANCERS, to perform after us at this event.

LANGE OST NACHT - Irish DancersThis year we’ll be playing lots of Blues, Folk and Country songs that are a part of our HOOTENANNY 1963 project; which is an ongoing series of performances featuring Michael Hecht, Erica Applezweig, Michael Walsh, Jenny Greenflower, Charles C. Urban, Derrick Jenkins, John Peacock, Ryan Dangerfield, Gerhard Oberschmidt, Angela Shirley, Sara Conway, Karin Heinrich, Kimi Walling, Susan Schwartz, Tifanny Estrada, and others.

LANGE OST NACHT is an annual Street Fair in Stuttgart Ost and Gablenberg. It begins at Ostend Platz and winds its way, for several kilometres, along Ostendstrasse and Gablenberger Hauptstrasse to Schmalzmarkt in Gablenberg (across from MUSEO) with Food & Drinks and Live Entertainment all along that route from 18:30 hrs until Midnight.

Saturday, July 23 at 18:30 hrs – on the Open Air Stage of KULTURWERK

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