With the November 6 performance of EINSTEIN by Gabriel Emanuel we are proud to celebrate the 50th DARK MONDAY @ MERLIN show!

NEAT – New English American Theatre has been performing a new project on the first Monday of every month at MERLIN since October, 2013.

The spectrum of projects that have been performed at MERLIN during those FOUR YEARS is eclectic and wide. They have included Themed Tributes to Composers such as Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Bob Dylan and Poets, such as Edgar Lee Masters, T.S.Eliot, Edgar Allen Poe, Dylan Thomas, Don Marquis, Roald Dahl, Plays focusing on Adam & Eve, Albert Einstein, Marlene Dietrich, Lee Harvey Oswald, Elvis Presley, Laurel & Hardy, Radio Plays featuring The Marx Brothers, Orson Welles adaptation of Dracula, The Firesign Theatre’s Nick Danger, and the Classic Radio Thriller; Sorry, Wrong Number. We’ve performed many Short Stories by O.Henry, Stephen King and Rudyard Kipling, Texts by Alfred Hitchcock, Mark Twain, Arthur Miller,  and there were countless German Premiere Performances of Contemporary Playwrights, such as Paul Auster, Ellen Byron, Elton Townend Jones, Michael Leeds, Lisa Soland, Julie Gilbert, Gabriel Emanuel… not to mention the Talent of Local Playwrights, Authors, Poets, Composers, Musicians such as Lisa Ritchie, Michael Hilton, Jadi Campbell, Stephen Thomas, Daniel Regelbrugge, Michael Hecht, Gregory L. Mays

Mastering a Premiere every four weeks, alongside our properly staged theatre productions, takes a lot of dedication, time and idealism. To everyone who has ever been a part of a DARK MONDAY show, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for making this crazy idea succeed!


Dave Drumihl

Sandeep Hegde

Steffen Kindlein

Peter Watt

Archie Macjoyce

Lisa Tuyala

Wolfgang Hahn

Susanna Schwarz-Sabin

Christian Reichel

Nicole Soren

Meaghan Rhymer

Cindy L. Halbern-Seger

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Steffi Wolter

Maya Murakami

Anthony King

Brett Harwood

Christoph Gosseens

Elena Gallego

Ed Gaietto

John Peacock

Martin C. Jelonek

Simon Bergmoser

Ali El Bahnasawy

Sara Iliesiu

Enel Kerler

Narendra Kashyap

Derrick Jenkins

Mostafa Saieed

Ahmed Saieed

Rabah Khilfeh

Anthony King

Andy Pugni

Nadia Duran

Sylvia Owens

Felice Becker

Helen Khorrami

Holly deWolf

Sonja Bressner

Sara Conway

Toni Hernandez

Kirsten Schulze

Deanya Schemp

Jana Semaan

Gregory L. May

Angela Shirley

Gerhard Oberschmidt

Erica Applezweig

Jenny Greenflower

Robbie Iacuzzi

Barbara  Claussen

Dimitri Rudiakov

Bhavani Bhaskar

Bryan Groenjes

Kimi Walling

Micha Weber

Florian Tekale

Stephen Thomas

Laura M. Franck

Monica Lower

Bonnie Lower

Florian Eisentraut

Jeanne Ragonese

Joerg Witzsch

Michael Hilton

Hana Kim-Tuerk

Christopher Parkinson

Jim Martin

Andy Pugni

Matthew Wheeler

Bryan Mitchell

Ria Petrocca

Michael Hecht

Uka Meissner.deRuiz

Annett Holzmeister

Susanna Thielecke

John Doyle

Hakan Yildic

Michael Walsh

Alina Derkach

Katrin Zojer

Jan Weber

Lucia Cericola 

 Zhenfang Zhang

Andrew Carey-Yard

Heather Pache

 Sharon Chang

Sera Babkus

Claire Deromelaere

 Lisa Ritchie

Ammon Hollister

Karin Heinrich

Lorcan Redmond

Daniel Regelbrugge

Greta Redmond

Janelle Erikson-Goettl

Jadi Campbell

Karen DeLisle

Elina Viksna

Defne Taner

Mohanad Haj Khalil

Azin Ghabelrahmat

Grzegorz Solyga

Jimmy Hgnr

Adeel Yawar Jamil

Cemil Aydemir

Pascal Dietrich


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