EINSTEIN by Gabriel Emanuel

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EINSTEIN by Gabriel Emanuel

Directed by Charles C. Urban

ALBERT  EINSTEIN………………………………Wolfgang Hahn

MUSIC………………………………….…………………Annika Eisentraut


The story is set in Albert Einstein’s study at Princeton University on his 70th birthday. Einstein takes a witty and often sardonic look at his life; reflecting back not only on Einstein the scientist but also Einstein the man, reliving his most painful dilemma; whether to go against his pacifist beliefs or encourage the development of the atomic bomb.

With this performance we celebrate the centenary of several important events in the life of one of the 20th Century’s greatest minds who has been described as „Charlie Chaplin with the brow of Shakespeare“.

One hundred years ago, the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Berlin was founded on October 1, 1917 and its first director was Albert Einstein.

The year 1917 was enormously important in the life of Albert Einstein. It was one hundred years ago that Einstein published his idea for the EBK (Einstein–Brillouin–Keller) method for finding the quantum mechanical version of a classical system. The famous Bohr model of the hydrogen atom is a simple example, but the EBK method also gives accurate predictions for more complicated systems.

In 1917, Einstein also published his paper Cosmological Considerations in the General Theory of Relativity; a key milestone in 20th century physics that set the foundations of modern cosmology.

This performance also commemorates the 50th DARK MONDAY @ MERLIN show. NEAT – New English American Theatre has been performing a new project on the first Monday of every month at MERLIN since October, 2013.


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