It’s Panto Time!

15085494_10207283071306225_3980295431191018447_nA princess who can’t keep her frocks clean? A huntsman who won’t hunt? An evil queen who wants to be a top model? And seven not very tall people who like spicy food?

Yes, it’s the story of Snow White, but not like you’ve ever seen it before!

Join NEAT for a show crammed with good songs and bad puns, memorable characters and and slap-stick comedy that you’ll love, no matter whether you’re 5 or 105 years old or anywhere in between!!

Performances: November 27 at 15:00 hrs at Kulturcafe Merlin
December 4 at 16:00 hrs at Kulturwerk Stuttgart



Featuring Bhavani Bhaskar, Claire Deromelaere, Lisa Ritchie, Karin Heinrich, Bryan Groenjes, Andrew Carey-Yard, Annika and Raffael Eisentraut, Chloe and Mia Deromelaere, Chan and Ciara Garvey, Emilia Sonnenschein and Florian Eisentraut

Written and directed by Susanna Thielecke




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