Springtime in the Fog

A play by Lisa Ritchie

Based on the current movement of refugees and immigrants towards Europe, this stage play portrays one man’s struggle following his decision to flee his war-torn country.

The project aims to break through media headlines and raise awareness of issues surrounding conflict, poverty, exile and prejudice at a very personal level, while helping to overcome barriers and build mutual understanding.

This exciting play will be brought to the stage in spring 2016 by an international and culturally diverse cast and crew of experienced theatre players, foreign workers, refugees, artists, musicians and stage combatants from Europe, the USA, North Africa and the Middle East.

Written by the director herself, the storyline has also benefitted from additional culturally appropriate input and modifications from the cast.Image 25.04.16 at 22.06

12 May 2016, 20:00 – Theater am Olgaeck, Stuttgart
19 May 2016, 20:00 – Theater am Olgaeck, Stuttgart
9 June 2016, 20:00 – Theater am Olgaeck, Stuttgart
04 July 2016, 20:00 – Merlin Kulturzentrum, Stuttgart

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