THE MOORS by Jen Silverman

A touching, violent, and relentlessly funny love letter to the life and work of the Brontë sisters.​

THE MOORS by Jen Silverman

FeaturingStefanie Hörz, Serena Foschi-Höhne, Karin Heinrich, Olga Boyarintseva, Mohammad Sabouni

The wind-swept moors are a bleak and vicious landscape, and their inhabitants are no less wild. Two sisters, an erratic maid, and a rather large mastiff strategize, scrub, and sigh in a labyrinthine Victorian mansion. The entrance of a governess and crash-landing of a moor-hen set all four on a strange trajectory, one step closer to the thrill and danger of being truly seen. 

THE MOORS is a pitch-black comedy that is desperately beautiful, deliriously entertaining and rich in meaning and observations about mysterious sisters, a mastiff and a moorhen. It is an irresistible confluence of the contemporary with the classical; a dark, glimmering jewel that explodes from the stage through a Brontëan cannon, at various times absurd, romantic, vicious and deadly – a play that dares you to keep watching.


Thursday, November 3 at 20:00 hrs in Theater am Olgaeck

Monday, November 7 at 20:00 hrs in MERLIN

Thursday, November 10 at 20:00 hrs in Theater am Olgaeck

Thursday, November 17 at 20:00 hrs in Theater am Olgaeck

Presented by NEAT in cooperation with DAZ – Deutsch Amerikanisches Zentrum, Kulturverein Merlin e.V.

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