SPOTLIGHT ON UKA – Every Picture Tells a Story!

Always at the Right Place at the Right Time

Professional Master Photographer and Art Instructor Uka Meissner deRuiz has been documenting performances by NEAT – New English American Theatre for close to 30 years!

Her keen eye and quick trigger finger has managed to capture the most poignant moments and iconic images from performances at venues as varied venues as KKT, THEATER AM OLGAECK, MERLIN, THEATERHAUS, KULTURWERK, DREI GROSCHENTHEATER, LAPIDARIUM, CENTRAL THEATER and more. Where ever NEAT goes Uka goes!

Very many of her theatre photos have been published in newspapers, magazines and online to advertise our shows! Excellent visual representation is an important factor in drawing an audience!

Every picture tells a story! We are extremely glad and grateful that Uka has accompanied NEAT for decades and created countless lasting memories for our actors, who can look back on their time in Stuttgart, with satisfaction, knowing that they too are a part of our theatre group’s rich history.

Here are a just a few samples of Uka’s fine work in 2022; photos taken during the DARK MONDAY @ MERLIN performances of SONS & DAUGHTERS by Sera Babakus, FRACTURED FABLES by David Sedaris and TONIGHT – MARK TWAIN!

THANK YOU UKA! Looking forward to many more years of collboration!

SONS & DAUGHTERS by Sera Babakus



2 thoughts

  1. Uka is an artist in all realms of seeing and creating.. She and Luna have blessed NEAT with lasting devotion and a joyful presence and I think you should write a piece centered around her life.. like words in pictures for example. One of the hardest things to leave behind in Germany was all of you.


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