SONS & DAUGHTERS by Sera Babakus

We inherit the myths and heroic odysseys. We inherit the pain and the tragic beauty.”

An Evening of Poetry & Music based on the Book SONS OF IMMIGRANTS. DAUGHTERS OF THE REVOLUTION by Sera Babakus

Featuring Qi Fan, Nadia Duran, Olga Boyarintseva, Emilia Buehler, Mohammad Yazan Sabouni, Mehrdad Afzali

The Author, Sara Babakus, will be present

SONS OF IMMIGRANTS. DAUGHTERS OF THE REVOLUTION.  is a powerful book of poetry in which Sera Babakus recounts the mélange of moments which have defined her as an immigrant daughter and shaped her as a  World Citizen. She holds a mirror up to her life as an expat, daring to reveal both its quiet ugliness and its cacophonous beauty.

Author Sera Babakus describes herself thusly –

The daughter of an American mother and a Turkish father, I took the Transatlantic leap in 2012 to live with my husband in the southwest German state of Saarland. I guess that makes me: fifty percent American, fifty percent Turkish, fifty percent German, and zero percent good at math. When I am not consulting immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs, I am busy working my way back into the literature and creative arts scene. I am convinced that diversity, as well as the exchange of ideas across borders and cultures, are key to global social justice and innovation.

Sera Babakus is originally from Tennessee, USA and lived in Stuttgart before relocating to Saarbrücken where she supports migrants seeking to establish their own company in Germany. During her time in Stuttgart, she was an Actress and Dance Instructor in NEAT – New English American Theatre and was awarded the Special Adjudicator’s Award for her Choreography in our contribution to FEATS – Festival of Anglophone Theatrical Societies in Luxembourg.

PERFORMANCEMonday, June 13 at 20:00 hrs in MERLIN


Presented by NEAT in cooperation with DAZ – Deutsch Amerikanisches Zentrum, Kulturverein Merlin e.V.

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