The Year of Couldn’t, Wouldn’t, Didn’t, Shouldn’t

As I had already stated back in March, when the first lockdown occurred; 2020 is the year that couldn’t, wouldn’t, didn’t, shouldn’t… We are now in the midst of the second lockdown and have had to postpone / cancel several shows that we the performers and the audience had long been looking forward to – THE NEATWITS – Improv Theatre, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM by William Shakespeare, CASABLANCA; Live Radio Play, AROUND THE WORLD WITH 1001 STRINGS featuring Lucia Cericola, IT ALL BEGAN AT MACY’S – An Evening of Good Advice for Aspiring Santas and Christmas Elves, THE CAT IN THE HAT by Dr. Seuss as well as our annual Christmas Panto and possible participation in FEATS – Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies.

Sandwiched between the Spring Lockdown and the Winter Lockdown, we did manage to perform several new projects from July to October, much to the delight of our Corona conform, socially distanced audience – THE DIARIES OF ADAM & EVE by Mark Twain, H.G.Wells’ THE TIME MACHINE by Elton Townend Jones, THE GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennessee Williams, THE BIRDS by Daphne du Maurier, HOOTENANNY 2020, SURVIVOR TYPE by Stephen King. There is simply nothing like the Live Theatre Experience!

The current lockdown is officially scheduled only for the month of November but it is highly unlikely that things will be loosened in December; THEATER AM OLGAECK has already canceled all guest performances at their venue until the end of the year.

It takes more than a global pandemic to keep us down; we have a lot on the agenda for 2021! The first half of the year will see performances of PANDAMONIUM by The Writers in Stuttgart, THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES by Eve Ensler, New Texts by DANIEL REGELBRUGGE, ONE PAGE PLAY FESTIVAL 2021, JARRED by Tanya Saracho, CELTIC CULTURAL EVENING –  Music & Dance and we are currently busy scheduling the second half of the year.

The year 2021 is quite significant for NEAT – New English American Theatre, as it marks the 30th Anniversary of the group! In this case, looking forward also means looking back.

Founded in 1991, NEAT has been providing appreciative Stuttgart audiences with authentic English language entertainment for the past 29 years. The last seven years were especially productive with the initiation of the monthly DARK MONDAY @ MERLIN series and the nearly weekly performances of THURSDAYS @ TAO – Theater am Olgaeck. In 2018 we absolved yet another monthly performance series called SUNDAYS @  CENTRAL in Esslingen at the beautiful and historic, oldest still existing cinema in Germany.

Since 2012, NEAT has appeared at IW8, KULTURWERK, PIANO TERRA, WESTQUARTIER, THEATERHAUS, DREIGROSCHEN THEATER as well as shows at the FEATS competition in Luxembourg, Hamburg, Den Haag, Frankfurt, Munich, Bad Homburg. In the course of NEAT history we have performed in nearly every theatre in Stuttgart. Besides the afore mentioned, we have also appeared at STAATSGALERIE, LAPIDARIUM, TRIBÜHNE, THEATER DER ALTSTADT, KKT, THEATER IM WESTEN, RAMPE, IRRLICHT THEATER, KELLEY THEATER, SCHLOSSKELLER in Nürtingen, CORSO KINO, THEATER ZENTRUM, AMERIKAHAUS, as well as the University Theatres of Tübingen and  K II Stuttgart.

As a new generation of directors and actors at NEAT assume more responsibility, the wish for a venue of our own has arisen once again. That would certainly be something stable to look forward to in these uncertain times, sandwiched between Yes / No… To / Fro… Stop / Go…

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