2020 Vision…

Outlook for 2020 – Annual  Favorites & Exciting New Projects!

The monthly DARK MONDAY @ MERLIN series is already well into its SEVENTH SEASON and has become a fixture in the Stuttgart Theatre landscape; continuing to surprise and entertain audiences with projects by beloved as well as obscure authors, poets, playwrights and composers.

NEATNew English American Theatre, in its 29th year, has accumulated many, annually recurring, and treasured traditions such as the CELTIC CULTURAL EVENINGS in March, the CHRISTMAS PANTO in November / December, and the VDAY Fundraising Shows in February.

Each January, the first DARK MONDAY @ MERLIN show, features new texts by the author collective WRITERS IN STUTTGART and in March of every year, we invite American author Daniel Regelbrugge to present his latest works of Poetry and Prose as our guest.

In April, we’ll be accenting the English in New ENGLISH American Theatre with performances of scripts from the popular British YES, MINISTER television and radio series.

Beginning in May of 2020, we will initiate a brand new series of IMPROV THEATRE performances featuring talent from our own ranks, a group of NEATWITS, coached by Improv Meister John Manley.

See you there!

Charles C. Urban


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