Method to the Madness: Clowning Shakespeare!

ROMEO & JULIET (with Clowns)

Quite possibly the silliest staging of ROMEO & JULIET ever!

There are Clowns in nearly all of Shakespeare’s works and they are responsible for a touch of levity in even the most tragic of his plays. What if the entire cast consisted of Clowns!?

What happens when an international troupe of direly unemployed Clowns, attempt to raise money to survive, by staging the most well known and beloved romantic tragedy of all time; ROMEO & JULIET.

In their somewhat abbreviated adaptation, the Clowns do utilize Shakespeare’s original text but don’t hesitate to add some words of their own (mostly Hindi and Chinese), while keeping the gist of the bard’s story intact about the two young, ill-fated, star crossed lovers.

Nothing is sacred in the Clown’s version of “the greatest romantic tragedy the world has ever known” as they explore the perplexities, plights, and predicaments of Love, Lust, and Vengeance in the pursuit of Laughter.

The bard’s plays, particularly the tragedies, are serious affairs that require great acting, elaborate period costumes, a proper theatre and traditionally all roles played by men. The Clowns throw all expectations overboard and wreak havoc while mischievously creating chaos as they joyfully rough up Shakespeare.

ROMEO & JULIET (with Clowns)

by William Shakespeare


Performances –

October 24, October 31 at 20:00 hrs

November 7, 14, 21, 28 at 20:00 hrs


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