Welcome to Llaregub!

In this holiday season, let NEAT take you on a journey to the magical world of rural Wales, as portrayed by Dylan Thomas in his classic 1954 radio drama, UNDER MILK WOOD!

The characters who populate the fictional village of Llareggub have become household names: the blind old seadog Captain Cat forever mourning his dead love Rosie Probert, the Rev Eli Jenkins greeting each morning in verse, Polly Garter with her list of lost paramours, Mr Pugh who dreams of poisoning Mrs Pugh, Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard and her two dead husbands, Dai Bread and his two live wives. In our presentation of the radio play, all characters will be portrayed by two Welsh Actors: Derrick Jenkins and Kath Starsmore. Musical Accompaniment provided by Lucia Cericola on the Harp.

Featuring Kath Starsmore and Derrick Jenkins, acting; Lucia Cericola, harp.

Show times: June 12, 8 PM @ Merlin Kulturcafé;  June 16, 8 PM @ Dreigroschentheater


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