Two men and a bomb…

Copenhagen – Germany – the world: all wrapped up in one single atom, in one single meeting of minds. Who will build the bomb first?

Copenhagen, Michael Frayn’s Tony award winning play addresses the mysterious meeting between Werner Heisenberg and his mentor, Niels Bohr in 1941. In a setting void of time, and place, but rife with the emotions of 3 lifetimes, Frayn weaves physics with the impossible choices that scientists have to make as men and citizens of the world. What would you do if you could go back in time? How would you justify your actions? The implications of one meeting could have determined the history of the world as we know it. Copenhagen explores these possibilities.

Directed by Sara Conway

Show times: Monday, April 3, 8 PM @ Kulturzentrum Merlin; Thursday, April 27, 8PM @ Theater am Olgaeck

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