‘Tis the Time to Read Aloud! Come and be part of NEAT’s celebration of Christmas!

The last NEAT event of 2016!

Come One, Come All to our Annual HOLIDAY STORY TELLING on Thursday, November 22 at 20:00 hrs in THEATER AM OLGAECK!

This year’s HOLIDAY STORY TELLING features texts by Dylan Thomas, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Odgen Nash and Dr. Seuss prestented by Bryan Groenjes, Andy Pugni, Derrick Jenkins, Charles C. Urban with music provided by Michael Mesox Hecht.

Derrick Jenkins will be presenting A CHILD’S CHRISTMAS IN WALES which is one of DylanThomas’ most popular works. It was originally a piece that he wrote for radio, recorded by Thomas himself in 1952- The story is an anecdotal retelling of a Christmas from the view of a young child and a romanticized version of Christmases past, portraying a nostalgic and simpler time.

Charles C. Urban will be presenting THE BOY WHO LAUGHED AT SANTA CLAUS which was written in 1942 by one of America’s leading humorist poets, Ogden Nash. It is a devilishly funny yet tragically sad poem about Jabez Dawes; a young boy who is definitely on Santa’s naughty list because of his continuous malevolent behavior. At the beginning, we find Jabez settled down in his bed on Christmas Eve—not with sugar-plum fairies dancing in his head, but with “fresh malice dancing in his head”. As he lay there he heard bells in the distance…

Andy Pugni will be presenting A LUCKLESS SANTA CLAUS was written in 1912 by F. Scott Fitzgerald; one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. It is one of his first stories to explore and criticize the world of the wealthy and a prototype of Fitzgerald’s basic plots: a man is pushed to do or become something for the love of a beautiful woman. At the urging of his darling Ms. Harmon, Talbot finds himself on a Christmas Eve mission to give away all the money in his pockets. Not quite as easy to do as one might think, Talbot soon realizes, as his generosity is rebuffed with scorn and a punch in the nose…

Bryan Groenjes will be presenting HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS by Dr. Seuss. This is, like mistletoe, candy canes, and caroling, a mainstay of the holidays. The Grinch, is a grouchy, solitary creature who attempts to put an end to Christmas by stealing Christmas-themed items from the homes of the nearby town on Christmas Eve, in an attempt to ruin the holiday for its residents.

There are bound to be some unannounced surprises throughout the evening!

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