The Historic CENTRAL THEATER in Esslingen – a New NEAT Venue

As of February, 2018 New English American Theatre will be performing at CENTRAL THEATER in Esslingen on every second Sunday of the month.

CENTRAL THEATER is the oldest still existing cinema in Germany!

The building itself was constructed in 1629 and was originally a hotel and restaurant. Over the centuries it was used for many purposes; stable, brewery, distillery and in 1913 it was remodeled yet again and a movie theater seating 300 guests was installed. The outside of this nearly 500 year old building is Baroque with Neoclassic elements. During the recent renovation and removal of countless layers of paint and wallpaper, the restaurateurs discovered the original 1913 décor; so, the inside of the theatre is an eclectic mix of Neoclassic, Art Nouveau, Expressionism, and Fifties Modern.

Our first scheduled performances at CENTRAL THEATER are:

February 11 at 19:00 hrs – THE AWFUL GERMAN LANGUAGE by Mark Twain featuring Sara Conway, Holly DeWolf, Nadia Duran, Wolfgang Hahn, Charles C. Urban and Michael Mesox Hecht on the guitar.

March 11 at 19:00 hrs – UNDER MILK WOOD by Dylan Thomas featuring Derrick Jenkins, Kath Starsmore and Lucia Cericola on the harp

April 8 at 19:00 hrs – THE TOLLING THUNDER REVUE will perform a Tribute to Bob Dylan.

May 13 at 19:00 hrs – LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI by Mark Twain in conjunction with the STÄFFELS BANJO RUTSCHER – a formation consisting of 10 Banjos, Tuba and Washboard. Featured readers are Sara Conway and Derrick Jenkins.

So, from now on it is MERLIN Mondays, TAO Thursdays and CENTRAL Sundays.

CENTRAL THEATER Esslingne – http://schauspiel-kunstdruck.de/central-theater/das-konzept/

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